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Shuttle Struggle

Just transferred to the University of Minnesota. 

Decided to try to use the campus shuttle so I didn’t have to speed walk all the way to class, after all East Bank is a decent size. Hopped on the first shuttle I saw.. it took me to the St. Paul Campus. Was 45 minutes late to class and still tried to play it off. 

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Allow me to entice you with a story from my past. 

It was a hot summer night this past summer and my boyfriend and I stopped by Walgreen’s to get a drink to cool ourselves off. As we were walking out an, I assume homeless man, asked us if we could spare some change so he could get a bed for the night. He had his eyebrow pierced and was in a plaid polo and khaki shorts, holding a large cup.

I was very excited because for the first time in a long time I had change!

I reach in and dig around to find my dollar bills, taking an awkwardly long time, as soon as I found two dollars I quickly stuck them in the cup.

The man looks at me and says, “That’s my ice, but thanks..”


The awkward life I lead..